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Photo by Sander Gee

Photo by Sander Gee

St. Beex is an apparel company committed to offering stylish garments of uncompromising quality, and a curator of a global lifestyle community of excellence for the discerning man. 


In our era where substance is scarce, it has become increasingly challenging to identify and source true quality. This challenge became the inspiration for the St. Beex Lifestyle Community, where companies that share the same values, as well as a commitment to excellence and superior quality, now have a central platform where they reside. The St. Beex Lifestyle Community is designed for the man who chooses his clothes with care, is thoughtful about what he consumes, and aspires to be the best version of himself.  Through these like-minded companies and artisans, who produce at the highest standards, and are categorically the best in their fields, the St. Beex clientnow has direct access to the absolute best of what life has to offer.


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Fully immersed in the lifestyles of its target customers, St. Beex has developed a world that embodies refined garments and accessories, cuisine, wellness, travel, beauty, home and more, to enrich the experience of being part of the St. Beex community.


Photo by Sander Gee

Photo by Sander Gee



The St. Beex style dwells at the intersection of tradition and modernity. 

Photo by Arteh Creative

Photo by Arteh Creative

St.Beex Iconic Tracksuit - Photo by Arteh Creative

The products are an original take on classic menswear, found in the atypical pairing of materials and cuts. 
For example, the collection offers a fine cashmere and silk blend T-shirt, a polo shirt made from 100% silk yarns, a luxury leisurewear tracksuit and linen herringbone denim suits.

 Exclusive Fabrics
Precious Yarns
Limited Inventory


To maintain personalised customer experiences and exclusivity, St. Beex offers made to order denim and knitwear offerings

•    Swatches of exclusive denim fabrics and color cards of precious yarns 

 •    Limited inventory of all styles to maintain exclusivity 

All fabrics and materials are sourced from Italy, Japan, Portugal, and Switzerland.
To maintain its dedication to quality and craftsmanship, all products are produced in Italy at the finest legacy factories. 


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Through ARDOR, our e-magazine, we cover artisans and brands that are passionately committed to their products and/or services. These artisans and brands compose a network of collaborators that are exclusively available for our members to discover and at times receive promotions and/or exclusive offers. Most importantly, our members have a privileged view into what makes each featured company special. The categories of our network are designed to enhance our members’lifestyle and includecuisine, wellness, travel, beauty, home and more. 

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